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Takeru T.K Takaishi, Patamon, Yamato Matt Ishida, Gabumon | Artist | (x)


Want to know more about the new Digimon Adventure anime? If you go to digimon-adventure.net and watch / skip the trailer, you can click on this egg. In order for the digi-egg to hatch with new information, it has to be clicked 875,330 more times.

The catch is that the digi-egg can only be clicked on once a day per browser!! You can also play the Digimon Game to the left of the egg for 20 points, but that involves knowing the Japanese language. All we know so far about the new anime is that Taichi is seventeen years old and in high school; please click on the egg and spread the word so we can know more !! Thank you.

edit: With only 61k clicks to go, a wild Sukamon appeared and is now blocking anyone from clicking on the digi-egg. The only way to stop him is by clicking on him 400k times !!

This is obviously a setback for fans, but it shows that the reception the new anime received was so overwhelming (much more than anticipated) that that they had to pull this out of thin air in order to buy more time.

461k clicks can easily be accomplished by mid September at the latest. To put this in perspective, 900k+ clicks were done within two weeks.

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冒険の始まり | 水仙 [pixiv]

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【捏造注意】3度目の冒険 by すずあき


Digimon Meme - (1/14) Digidestined

Ruki Makino

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